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Rediscover nature, and your spirit of life, at Ruah Rainforest Retreat.

The retreat is surrounded by 40 acres of rainforest. During the day you can take a quiet stroll in the pristine rainforest ro view some of the magnificent species of trees and plants. For the more adventurous, there is a climb to the summit behind the retreat.

Make an appointment with Tracey to distinguish the many complicated conditions that affect health and wellbeing. Tracey applies vibrational kinesiology techniques to help you achieve physical and emotional balance.

As the sun sets you can enjoy a spa, sip a drink on the deck, or curl up with a book in the library.

Rauh Rainforest Retreat is close to many local activities:


»Climb Mt Warning

»Natural Bridge(Arch), Springbrook National Park

»Clarrie Hall Dam - activities include canoeing, boating and fishing


»Tropical Fruit World

»Tweed River Art Gallery

»Eltham Valley Pantry

Join one of Tracey Rosser's workshops and relax with Yoga.  more info on   under Tracey's workshops.

Things to do

  • Relax and enjoy the views and wonderful vibe – an integral part of Ruah Rainforest Retreat.

  • Enjoy a read from the retreat’s library.

  • Explore the retreat’s forest wonders, which offer a summit climb for the more adventurous.

  • Experience Tracey’s holistic healing magic.

  • Visit nearby Bushrangers Cave – a place I’d recently explored which lies roughly 500 metres from the retreat (as the crow flies).  to view go to

  • Climb nearby Mt Warning – located roughly 30 minutes drive from the retreat, Mt Warning offers spectacular views and is the first place in mainland Australia to see the winter sun (Cape Howe takes the honour in summer).

  • Explore the creek along Couchy Creek Road – which is accessible just before you turn into Ruah Rainforest Retreat (if you’re coming from the south).

  • Experience the wonders of the Natural Bridge – which lies just over the border (down the road) in Springbrook.


  • Ruah Rainforest Retreat is located in Chillingham, which is roughly an hour’s drive from both Byron Bay and the Gold Coast and an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Brisbane.

  • The retreat contains three double suites (one of which we stayed in) and two family suites, which sleep seven. Each suite is equipped with a bathroom, spa and private balcony with views over the rainforest and/or Tweed Valley.

  • Prices start at $165 per night for a double suite (breakfast included), while a family suite costs $220 per night. Dinner is also available.

  • Gary and Tracey take on woofers and backpackers looking for work.

  • Ruah Rainforest Retreat offers a physical/emotional balance package for 2 days/3 nights.


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